The path of digital transformation, even before being technological, is a cultural change, a mindset change, and as such is composed of several services that are integrated with each other; among the services, training offers a quick tool to increase the level of knowledge in enterprises and thus competitiveness and the generation of new business opportunities.

Training Services

A 250-hour toolbox program with a focus on data enhancement that, by alternating theoretical-practical training with project work, transfers to participants not only training content but all the tools to develop a 4.0 technology implementation plan in their company; the program frames the concept of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing within the broader context of Digital Transformation.

More than 160 basic and advanced courses, both in presence and remote, on the enabling technologies of the 4.0 paradigm and transversal topics related to them, to manage innovation and digitisation processes in the company. 8 areas are touched:

  • Big data & analytics
  • Supercomputing applications in industry and services
  • ICT & systems for production process management and additive manufacturing
  • Cybersecurity & blockchain
  • Collaborative and mobile robotics, warehousing and automated logistics
  • Extended, virtual and augmented reality applications
  • Sustainability & Social Responsibility
  • Management.

They are structured through:

  • Individual courses, training programmes or complex tailor-made training plans, designed according to specific requirements and needs, as a single initiative or within an ongoing service;
  • Support for the creation of corporate academies for the development of new courses and services: classroom layout and common spaces, new technologies for teaching, provision of e-learning content, training of trainers, needs analysis, course design and delivery and catalogue development.
  • LearningFlix: medium-long duration courses in synchronous and asynchronous mode in customisable environments, authentication via corporate domain and single sign-on, and course reporting and user logs; the platform, accessible in Platform As A Service (PAAS) mode – allows each user to take advantage of all the courses available, in a broad catalogue centred on technological innovation;
  • Skills for business: short courses on I4.0, technological or managerial/organisational topics are available in asynchronous streaming mode; through the platform we make available technologies, resources and skills to accompany companies on a path of innovation and digitisation.
  • Assessment and skills’ certification: the assessment tool is the result of the joint work of the network of national Competence Centres with the aim of understanding the initial level of digital competences of the participants in the financed training courses focused on Industry 4.0 issues. The assessment tool makes it possible to carry out a preliminary assessment of digital transformation skills along three distinctive areas: soft skills, more transversal and behavioural, hard skills, and ICT Literacy;
  • Training 4.0 tax credit: support for managing the document to be submitted to the tax agency to obtain the tax credit for training 4.0;
  • Financed training: support in finding public (European, national, regional) or private (inter-professional funds, CCIAA network, …) funds to finance company training plans.

The characteristics of BI-REX training:

High level faculty, drawn from the university and research communities, along with business managers

A practical approach in the delivery of the course, within which there are company cases and stories stemming from the many R&D and 4.0 technology application projects carried out by BI-REX

Experiences on 4.0 technologies within the Pilot Line, BI-REX’s digital factory where all 4.0 technologies are available and interconnected

Why choose BI-REX training

All training services aim to update and qualify the skills present in the company in ways that only a Competence Center can guarantee.

In BI-REX, a one-stop shop of digital transition, training can be complemented by skills assessment and certification, coaching and counseling at the end of the course, and test-before-invest activities; those who attend a BI-REX course are placed at the center of a network of companies, professionals, and suppliers who – together with BI-REX – accompany them on their company’s digital innovation journey.

For these reasons, the range of training services, in addition to covering all the enabling technologies of the 4.0 paradigm and cross-cutting and functional topics, are designed to be aimed at professionals who can actively contribute to not only strategic decision making of digital change: entrepreneurs, technicians, designers, operators.


Value Points

Massimo Pulvirenti
Massimo Pulvirenti
Head of Training and Counsulting

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