BI-REX supports companies and all players involved in the processes of technological innovation and digital transformation, providing useful tools for the adoption of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies and facilitating technology transfer operations.

Interested enterprises will be able to access the catalog’s services on favorable terms as state aid and in the form of a “discount” on the price of services provided, with the aid intensity depending on the type of service and size of enterprises:

Importo massimo finanziato
Servizio Offerto Piccola impresa Media impresa Grande impresa
Audit tecnico, valutazzione maturità digitale (Assessment) 80% 75% 40%
Test Before Invest 80% 65% 30%
Formazione 80% 65% 50%
Consulenza su accesso ai finanziamenti 70% 55% 50%
Consulenza su innovazione tecnologica di processo e di prodotto, networking e sensibilizzazione 65% 60% 50%
Consulenza su protezione proprietà intellettuale 60% 55% 50%
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Discover our Services

We have developed a comprehensive catalog of targeted services in order to help companies on their Industry 4.0 journey: we are able to deliver our services by responding to the specific demands and needs of companies.


Digital maturity and sustainability assessment.

Test before invest

Provide insight before implementing technology investments.


Training services aimed at updating and qualifying skills in the company.

Guidance and Counseling

Technology Consulting Services, Management Counseling and Project management, Access to finance, and counseling to initiate and develop Start-ups.

Networking & Dissemination

Provision of facilities and communication services.


Valutazione della maturità digitale e sostenibilità.

Test Before Invest

Fornire insight prima di procedere all’implementazione di investimenti tecnologici.


Servizi formativi volti ad aggiornare e qualificare le competenze presenti in azienda.

Orientamento e Consulenza

Servizi di Consulenza tecnologica, Consulenza gestionale e Project management, Access to finance e Consulenza per l'avvio e sviluppo di Start-up.

Networking e Dissemination

Fornitura di spazi e servizi di comunicazione.