For practical, multidisciplinary support

BI-REX proposes itself as a point of reference for the provision of consulting services on different areas and for Project Management activities of the entire consultancy path, positioning itself as a single interlocutor and general contractor, allowing clients access to advanced technologies and high-level skills present both internally (primarily in the Pilot Line) and in its network (companies, universities, institutions and research organizations).

These services aim to provide support to businesses in innovating products, processes and/or services through the development, adoption and integration of one or more digital technologies and/or enabling technologies.

The service involves:

  • Support in defining the client’s objectives for innovation of a product, process and/or service in software, hardware or systemic integration;
  • The scouting and selection of optimal digital technologies and 4.0 enabling technologies to achieve the objectives;
  • The support in the design, development, adoption and validation phases of the identified technologies;
  • The evaluation of the benefits derived from project implementation (performance, efficiency, productivity, technological innovation, digitization, energy efficiency, other specific KPIs).

These services are geared toward the implementation of research & development and innovation projects.
The service involves:

  • The definition, in synergistic collaboration with the client, of a Research & Development or Innovation project;
  • The identification of the investments, technologies, and consultancies necessary for the implementation of the project (available on the market, to be customized for the project, and/or already available in the BI-REX pilot line);
  • The possible Temporary management activity;
  • The complete management of the project implementation path as General Contractor.

These services are intended to provide access to public (Subsidized Finance Calls and Tax Facilities) and/or private (Venture Capital) fundraising tools.

The service includes:

  • Services for accessing public subsidized finance instruments to support R&D, Innovation, Digitization, etc. projects such as e.g. Regional, National, European Calls for Proposals: monitoring of the available and/or opening opportunities most interesting for the company’s objectives; support in the selection of consultants, partners, technologies and resources needed for the project; preparation of technical and administrative documentation; possible partnership building and management; application submission. After the project approval, the service includes: provision of BI-REX technology consulting, project management activities, and management of relations with the funding body. At the conclusion of the project, the service also includes technical and financial reporting and management of communication activities.
  • Services for accessing Tax Benefits such as e.g. Tax Credit (Research and Development, Capital Goods, Training, etc.): Analysis of expenses incurred and assessment of their eligibility; Preparation of technical, financial and administrative documentation for the application for the facilitation; Management and coordination of any partners involved (e.g., accountants, auditors, appraisers etc.).
  • Services to facilitate access to venture capital dedicated mainly to SMEs and innovative start-ups: Assessment of the commissioning company and financial needs; Research, analysis and selection of the most suitable and interesting parties (potential investors); Preparation of the optimal technical, design, financial, administrative, presentation (pitch) documentation for access to the selected sources of investment; Management of relations with investors until the conclusion of the agreement.

This service aims to foster the birth, start-up and development of innovative high-tech start-ups.
The consultancy provides:

  • In-house incubation service and/or Support for access to specific incubation/acceleration programs (e.g., I-TECH Innovation Program (CRIF managers, G-FACTOR) of which BI-REX is a technical partner for Industry 4.0);
  • Business development consulting (access to the consortium, support in POC development and solution industrialization);
  • Consulting for the start-up and development of innovative start-ups delivered directly and/or with access to the BI-REX network of national and international start-ups, companies, institutions, research organizations, incubators/accelerators, with a view to Open innovation and General contracting.
Cecilia Sgarbi
Cecilia Sgarbi
Responsabile di Progetto e Finanziamenti

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