Call for the selection of technological innovation projects

Call 4 – Closed


In the period 2019-2022, BI-REX issued three calls for proposals for the selection of technological innovation projects, which were met with great success, leading to the development of 35 innovative projects divided into 8 thematic areas.

For the period 2023-2026, BI-REX has already issued its fourth call for proposals in June 2023, which will lead to the development of 30 additional projects that will add to the previous ones already implemented and always related to the 8 thematic areas identified.

Calls issued and assigned
Projects and use cases
Million € Allocated
Winning companies
Millions in business investment
Supply chains involved

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2023 – 2026

Find out all the details about the last call for proposals funded by EU – Next Generation EU, closed in 2023

2019 – 2022

Learn about the 3 calls already closed and co-funded by BI-REX related to the period 2019-2022.

Funded projects

Check out the technical sheets of all 35 innovative projects activated so far through BI-REX’s calls for proposals.

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