Digital Maturity and Sustainability Assessment

Assessment services are aimed at assessing the current state of the company on several specific areas (Presence, use and interconnection of 4.0 enabling technologies; Digital Maturity…).
The objective of the activities is to identify and facilitate the introduction and adoption of technological and/or organizational solutions aimed at filling the gaps identified in the Assessment and addressing business needs.

The service involves:

  • assessment of the company’s digital maturity (analysis of available technologies, expertise and processes);
  • the preparation of a follow-up report on digital maturity from a 4.0 perspective;
  • the definition of digital transformation objectives and the most relevant KPIs;
  • the definition of a digital transformation and/or advancement project on specific focuses (e.g., digitization of processes, acquisition/development of advanced software and digital technologies, introduction of a specific training plan etc…)

The service involves:

  • the assessment of the presence and level of interconnection between capital goods and IT assets from a 4.0 perspective;
  • the preparation of a follow-up report on the company’s level of maturity in view of Industry 4.0;
  • the definition of a technology advancement project through the introduction and interconnection of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies (Advanced manufacturing, Additive manufacturing, Augmented reality, Simulation and Digital twin, Horizontal and vertical integration, Industrial IoT, Cloud computing, Cybersecurity, Big Data & Analytics), also considering revamping interventions.

The service includes:

  • the analysis of the company’s stakeholders;
  • materiality analysis to assess the relevance of each of the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030;
  • the qualitative-quantitative analysis of the current situation with reference to the parameters and KPIs of environmental sustainability and the most relevant goals;
  • the preparation of a Sustainability Assessment Report;
  • the definition of a path, customized and in triple bottom line perspective, for the improvement of environmental sustainability, with selection of the needed technologies and know-how.
The service aims to analyze the assets (products, processes, services) that could be designed, implemented, managed and optimized through a Digital Twin approach, in order to build and validate an optimal, high-performing and highly customized Digital Twin model. The service also includes the identification of the ad hoc actions and technologies required to implement the model and the analysis of the opportunities and benefits derived from its implementation (e.g., productivity, efficiency, timing optimization, reduction of errors and production waste, quality, etc.).

The service involves:

  • the mapping of potential vulnerabilities and cybersecurity level;
  • the definition of an optimal and highly customized Data Governance and Cybersecurity model;
  • the definition of the technologies to introduce/develop and the skills to be trained/acquired for an effective project implementation;
  • the definition of the expected results and KPIs to be used for the post-project implementation and monitoring.
Alberto Gualtieri
Alberto Gualtieri
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