Provision of Facilities and Communication Services

BI-REX operates in Bologna in a facility that covers 1,500 square meters within the Opificio Golinelli and is a  meeting place where contamination between education, research and business happens. Interested players will be able to hold their own event within a prestigious and highly attractive setting, while also having the opportunity to get up close and personal with the technologies of the Pilot Line. The activation of a communication package represents the necessary step to obtain the necessary visibility and promotion, thanks to the network made available by BI-REX.

Networking offers the possibility to realise events in presence, remotely (webinars) or in “phygital” mode (mix between remote and presence mode). There are various types of events that can be organised and realised at BI-REX:

  • Matching Events: organisation of events aimed at facilitating networking and ‘matching’ between demand and supply of technological innovation or meetings with Industrial, Institutional or Private Equity Investors.
  • Project Events: services dedicated to disseminating and raising awareness of research & development and technology transfer initiatives and projects, through the organisation of thematic in-depth events. These events can take place in presence, remotely (webinar) or in “phygital” mode.
  • Marketplace Events: services dedicated to the promotion of commercial adoption and promotion initiatives, through the organisation of thematic in-depth events on services and technologies. The hosting and integration of our partners’ technologies in the Pilot Line enables the possibility of demonstration actions. These events can take place in presence, remotely (webinars) or in “phygital” mode.
  • Open Innovation Events: organisation, management and realisation of events involving communities of innovators on specific challenges promoted by industrial sponsors, associations or public administrations with the aim of stimulating open innovation processes.

The service is structured through the activation of complete communication packages due to promote the initiative and to foster the dissemination of projects/products/services, providing visibility to the event and the brand and raising awareness of the target audience on the proposed innovation issues.

Activation of a complete package of communication services for the promotion of the event/initiative and the brand. The service includes the realisation of various activities (creating landing pages and brochures, sending newsletters, promotion on social channels, etc.), as well as technical and organisational support including streaming and recording of the event.

The service includes a range of activities including:

  • Creation of landing pages on the BI-REX website;
  • Creation of promotional campaigns on social channels and newsletters
  • Creation of graphic material (Save the Date, Brochures, etc.)
  • Creation of targeted press invitations
  • Projection and recording of the event on BI-REX MS Teams Live or YouTube channels;
  • Technical and organisational support;
  • More to be jointly decided.

The Dissemination service can be customised and configured according to the specific request of the company concerned.

A temporary coworking service that offers the possibility of working in an exclusive context dedicated to Industry 4.0 topics, providing workstations with internet connection.

BI-REX’s attractive location allows interested players to have the opportunity to get to know the Industry 4.0 technologies available in our premises and to get in touch with BI-REX’s network and with players operating in the world of technological innovation, carrying out matching activities, strengthening networking and creating partnerships and business relations.

Manlio Urbano
Manlio Urbano
Head of Marketing & Communication

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