About Us

A Competence Center in Bologna for Industry 4.0

BI-REX is one of the 8 Italian Competence Centers funded by the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development, within the Industry 4.0 National Plan: our main focus is on Big Data.

Our public-private Consortium, born in 2018, has its headquarter in Bologna (Italy) and gathers in partnership 57 players among Universities, Research Centers and Companies of excellence in order to assist companies, in particular SMEs, through a varied series of services: from consultancy to technology assessment, from design to validation of innovative solutions, from orientation to training, up to the Pilot Plant.

We support companies in their digitalization and technological innovation processes, through the adoption of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies and we intend to collect the know-how of the Emilia Romagna High Technology  network (industrial research laboratories, infrastructures, Digital Innovation Hubs) with a national and international road map, aimed at the development of high TRL solutions (close to the market), in particular for SMEs.

Our Consortium is configured as a highly specialized Competence Center, constituted according to the modalities established by Italian Ministry of Economic Development in conjunction with Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.




We are already an important aggregation point of public and private excellences (Universities and Research and Innovation Centers, End User Companies, Provider companies) and we aim at strengthening the network among all players involved in digitalization, innovation and training processes, with a view to Industry 4.0, providing the necessary skills and resources.

We support industrial culture through promotion of networking and sharing of new concepts and technologies.

  • An orientation, training and consultancy system for companies, closely integrated with the Digital Innovation Hubs operating in Italy

  • A wide ecosystem including industrial innovation projects and collaborative public-private industrial research projects

  • A Pilot Plant where Industry 4.0 enabling technologies can be implemented and optimized

  • Dedicated areas within our structure where conferences, meetings, training and coworking activities can be implemented




BI-REX Ecosystem

Our team

Domenico Bambi


Stefano Cattorini

General Director

Simona Campo

Administration & Finance Manager

Massimo Pulvirenti

Training and Consulting Services Manager

Francesco Meoni

Pilot Plant Manager

Manlio Urbano

Marketing & Communications Manager

Serena D'Angelo

Head Secretary

Andrea Volta

Administration Associate