These services are dedicated to the adoption, testing, and development of advanced and emerging, integrated digital technologies aimed at exploring technology solutions and options and/or providing insight prior to implementing technology investments. The services can be structured according to different approaches that can be customized to the specific needs of the client, at various levels of detail and expertise.

In case of specific technology needs, we also provide the technology access service, accompanied by BI-REX expert staff.

Demos represent use cases and demonstrators that allow the company to visualize the potential of technologies, applied to scenarios originated by industrial needs and demands. They are aimed at stimulating technology transfer actions, showing the benefits of the solution in terms of increased efficiency, better operating costs, improved customer relations, and the possibility of generating new digital and sustainable business models. The demos’ catalogue is continuously updated with success stories, orders, projects executed at BI-REX.

The service provides temporary access to the technologies available to BI-REX, in the form of machinery, devices, algorithms, software licenses, and IT infrastructure. The service can be configured on a contract or hourly (as-a-service) basis, in each case accompanied by BI-REX’s experienced staff.

The service involves drawing up a work plan and carrying out all the activities necessary to analyze the feasibility and potential of an idea or concept in order to determine the resources and technologies required for the executive implementation of the activities. Assessments also cover the business model and cost-effectiveness. The results of the feasibility study give a tool to the company to decide whether to pursue a development strand, providing all the necessary data (in terms of resources and costs) to go ahead with the realization of a prototype or Proof of Concept.

Projects for industrial research or experimental development of a new technology may involve product, process, service, or business model innovation to support innovative ideas and take them to a higher level of industrialization (TRL 3-6). BI-REX defines a work plan, the necessary activities, and brings together in a single point all the expertise needed to implement a project, involving the necessary partners within its ecosystem, both research and industrial: universities, research organizations, suppliers, financial advisory, and project management (PM).

The service involves the creation of technology demonstrators or prototypes designed to demonstrate a concept or functionality of a product, process or service, i.e., a practical demonstration that verifies the feasibility and effectiveness of a solution (TRL 5 – TRL 7). Making a PoC involves testing functionality, and is the previous step before proceeding with industrialization.

Testing and validation is performed prior to the industrialization of a process and prior to the adoption of a technology within its plant. The service is to validate, test or engineer an existing technological product, process, or service solution, in an industrial context (TRL>7), or to test technical outputs under certain conditions, including probing. The pilot line replicates the characteristics of an industrial plant, but without production constraints.

Francesco Meoni
Francesco Meoni
Head of the Pilot Plant

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