The HEAL project was funded by the MUR within the call for Extended Partnerships within the PNRR. The HEAL ITALY partnership aims to create an expanded healthcare alliance for innovative therapies, advanced laboratory research and integrated precision medicine approaches.

The overall goal of the project is to provide a novel, cost-effective, evidence-based predictive and noninvasive system through diagnostic pathways for the prediction, detection, and monitoring of monogenic (rare diseases), polygenic (cardiovascular and metabolic), and cancer diseases, as well as to identify innovative and effective therapeutic approaches. The project will enable the application of a precision medicine approach by developing risk-based stratification algorithms and providing open scientific evidence to health policy makers.

The HEAL project gathers 25 partners: AOSP S. Orsola di Bologna, BI-REX, CRO Aviano, Engineering SpA, Toscana Life Sciences, Istituti Fisioterapici Ospedalieri (IFO), Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri (IRCCS), Istituto Oncologico del Mediterraneo (IOM), Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), Neuromed, Sanofi, Sordina Technologies SpA (SIT), UNIBO, UNICA, UNICT, UNIFG, UNIMIB, UNIMORE, UNIPA, UNIPI, UNIROMA 1, UNIROMA 2, UNIVPM, UNIVR, UPMC.

BI-REX will support project partners by providing infrastructure and expertise for using supercomputing to develop:

  • Advanced algorithms and machine learning approaches that integrate electronic health records (EHR) with imaging and preclinically validated high-throughput data;
  • Advanced predictive models for prognosis and therapeutic response based on data processing to provide predictive diagnostic pathways.


The DARE (DigitAl lifelong pRevEntion) project has been funded by the MUR within the Complementary Plan to the NRP. DARE will work to improve the tools and knowledge to harness the enormous potential of data to define, monitor and even predict health trajectories for the sake of health promotion and primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.

The goal of DARE is to support the national health system by using data and new digital technologies for lifelong monitoring: a goal with social, cultural, economic, and ethical impact. The ultimate goal is to create and develop, through research, innovation and the participation of multiple stakeholders, a community of connected and distributed knowledge that produces, collects and systematizes multidisciplinary knowledge and solutions (technical, ethical-legal and organizational) necessary to establish Italy as a leading country in the field of digital prevention.

BI-REX is an affiliated entity of all three SPOKEs of the project and will be responsible for the following activities:

  • Ecosystem building, training and career pathway development support, sustainability, technology transfer, and cascading calls management support;
  • Ensuring long-term sustainability and valorization/exploitation of research results, dealing with: Sustainability management plan; Management and exploitation of intellectual property rights; Entrepreneurship support, spin-offs and start-ups (deliverable: at least 2 start-ups/spin-offs launched); Management of funding cascade.


The ECOSISTER project has been accepted for co-funding within the call for Ecosystems of Innovation under the PNRR. The project aims to realize efficiency and sustainability-oriented manufacturing production lines (green manufacturing).

The ECOSISTER project aims to support the ecological transition of the Emilia-Romagna regional economic and social system through a process that transversally involves all sectors, technologies and skills. Digital transition and sustainability are combined with people’s work and well-being and environmental protection, consistent with the goals of the Jobs and Climate Pact, and integrating with regional, national and European programming

BI-REX will implement the following activities, which will mainly support the objectives of Spoke 3 “Green manufacturing for a sustainable economy” coordinated by Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna (UNIBO):

  • Industrial research and experimental development projects;
  • Technology transfer and valorization of research results;
  • Training conducted in synergy by universities and businesses, with particular reference to SMEs, to reduce the mismatch between the skills required by businesses and those offered by universities;
  • Involvement of civil society on issues of innovation and economic and social sustainability; Technical skills and scientific culture.


Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti del Comune di BolognaCOBO for short – is a project that will enable the creation in the metropolitan city of Bologna of a technology transfer center spread throughout the territory on emerging technologies related to 5G in sectors identified as strategic for the territory: industry 4.0, innovative urban services, and creative and cultural industries.

The program promotes the creation of technology transfer centers to combine the scientific expertise of universities and research institutions with the needs of SMEs. These centers aim to support research and experimentation projects, support the creation of startups and foster technology transfer to SMEs, keeping the focus on topics such as Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, 6G and quantum technologies, all enabled by 5g technology.

BI-REX is among the key players in the initiative, being an important component of the Bologna partnership, and our role includes activities of:

  • Coordination: we will be in charge of supporting technology transfer to local businesses (WP4) and enabling open innovation programs that enable SMEs to introduce emerging technologies enabled by 5G and Beyond into their production systems, improving their digitization, sustainability and resilience;
  • Project Management and organization of project activities: we will be responsible for coordinating participants’ actions and progress monitoring to ensure delivery of results in a timely and cost-effective manner, and ensuring scientific and technical excellence.

CTE-COBO’s services are aimed at Italian and foreign SMEs and Start-Ups with at least one operational office in Italy, as well as informal groups not yet established as a company:

  • Open Innovation
  • Consulting, Training and Technology Transfer
  • Access to Innovative Spaces and Infrastructures
  • COBO Accelerator: the House of Emerging Technologies in Bologna offers Start-ups the opportunity to contribute to innovation and economic growth by implementing their own innovative digital technologies and solutions.
  • COBO Tech Transfer: to support in the development and testing phases of projects to pilot innovative solutions in the Industry 4.0, Cultural and Innovative Industries, and Innovative Urban Services verticals, enabled by 5G and Emerging Technologies.
  • COBO 2 Business: For the establishment of collaborations with University departments, Research Centers and the Competence Center for the exploitation of innovation products, patents and know-how and for the uptake of high TRL solutions.