Acquire Your Digital Leadership


Acquire Your Digital Leadership

Executive Master Teknè 5.0®

Do you want to acquire the new skills needed to independently and quickly manage your company’s digital transformation process? We can help you

Teknè 5.0® is the Executive Master organized by BI-REX, which provides you with technical and transversal skills focused on Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.

BI-REX is one of the 8 national Competence Centers established by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy as part of the government’s Industry 4.0 plan. Collaborating with more than 60 players including Universities, Research Centers and Companies of Excellence, it represents an important aggregation point for issues related to digital transformation and technological innovation.

We offer you a dynamic experience through use cases and interaction with 4.0 technologies, featured within the Pilot Line, BI-REX smart factory.

A unique opportunity for those who want to learn in the field.

Key Facts

The course is aimed at Managers of the Future working in digital, IT, technology, R&D, Automation, Logistics, and IT technicians.
The program is designed for those who have been working in companies for a number of years and want to learn how to master new technologies, both across and vertically, taking advantage of the immersive and experiential experience that the Master’s program can offer.

Part-time weekend (long weekend formula) + 1 final networking week: 250 hours

The executive master’s program alternates moments of hands-on training in presence on the Pilot Line, with moments of online learning on the e-learning platform specially created by our partner TIM, to make the fruition immersive and smart.

Paolo Bellavista, Director of the Master, UNIBO
Gabriele D’angelo, UNIBO
Luca Tomesani, UNIBO
Luca Foschini, UNIBO
Roberto Verdone, UNIBO
Emiliano Mucchi, UNIFE
Gianluca D’Elia, UNIMORE, UNIFE
Simone Calderara, UNIMORE
Roberto Menozzi, UNIPR
Angelo Porrello, UNIMORE
Piero Mignardi, QTM (Quality Team Managers)
Massimo Fato, QTM (Quality Team Managers)
Cristiano Boscato INJENIA
David Modica, NIER
Jacopo Romagnoli, VAR GROUP
Luca Paolucci, ALASCOM
Enrico Buracchini, TIM

MIMIT state aid is available for companies.

BI-REX can provide aid in the form of a reduction in the cost of enrollment in the Master’s program of up to 80% and with aid intensity, which is related to the type of service and the size of companies.

There is an additional reduction on the cost for early enrollment, female participation and in case of multiple enrollments.

Enrollment deadline: November 6, 2023
Kick off: November 16, 2023
Networking event: June 29, 2024

Unlike other highly specialized Digital Innovation-themed programs, BI-REX certifies your new skills with the IQC Digital Badge with blockchain technology, through which you can communicate to the market the professional value and compliance of your digital skills.

9.000,00 EUROs + IVA

COMPANIES: Access to MIMIT state aid.
It is possible for companies to benefit from MIMIT State Aid. BI-REX can provide State Aid to companies in the form of a discount on the price of services provided and with aid intensity related to the type of service and size of companies. 

Cost with MIMIT funding:

  • 3.600,00 EUROs + IVA for micro and small enterprises
  • 4.500,00 EUROs + IVA for medium-sized enterprises
  • 5.400,00 EUROs + IVA for large enterprises

There is an additional reduction on the cost for early registration, female participation and in case of multiple registrations.

What professionals who have already participated in our courses think

“The reason I wanted to take this course was to increase my knowledge, but I honestly never thought I could get so passionate about it. Very spot-on course topics, very knowledgeable lecturer and above all, the passion he puts into what he does shone through and that was instrumental in the success of the course.”.
Maintenance Leader, Philip Morris

“I appreciated the ability of the professors to address them at a high level in a concise but at the same time intuitive way”
Data Engineer, Bitbang

“Very thorough and taught by knowledgeable people. Fully satisfied”
Data scientist, Bitbang

“Excellent course and very good teachers.”
Big Data Analyst, Bitbang

“Very Positive and Interesting”
Data Analytics Solution Specialist, Altair Engineering

“Excellent course! I really enjoyed especially the in-person part of the last day, definitely closer to my knowledge (few) about data analytics even if the course however was rightly more focused on the infrastructure part (a bit further from my knowledge)”
Automotive Technical Lead, Altair Engineering

“The topics were comprehensively covered.”
Digital Automation Manager, Diemme Filtration

“Good balance between duration and comprehensiveness of topics covered”
Business Developer, SOC COOP BILANCIAI

“Interesting course covered in a clear and comprehensive manner. I find Prof. D’Angelo’s way of looking at things very interesting, I am sure his approach will be very useful in my career path”
Head of the Cybersecurity line, Nier Ingegneria S.p.a.

“A good course to have a general smattering of cyber security”
IT System Administrator, Litokol Spa

“Well structured. Excellent teaching.”
Technical Leader, Modis Consulting


Manager del futuro che operano in ambito digital, IT o tecnologico.

A chi è rivolto il corso: Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Digital Officer (CDO),

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
Responsabile Innovazione e Ricerca & Sviluppo (R&S)
Responsabile Operations e Supply Chain
Responsabile Produzione e Manifattura
Responsabile Ingegneria e Sviluppo Prodotto
Responsabile Sistemi e Reti
Manager Progetti di Trasformazione Digitale
Responsabile IT
Responsabile Qualità e Processi
Responsabile Acquisti e Approvvigionamenti
Responsabile Logistica e Trasporti
Direttore Risorse Umane
Senior Manager area IT
Responsabile della formazione
Training and Development Specialist
Training Manager
People Development Specialist
Learning and Training Specialist
CEO (Amministratore Delegato)
Direttore Generale

Pilot Plant Manager
Plant Manager
Operatore ICT linea pilota
Operatore Linea Pilota
Technical Project Manager
Automation and Robotion application Engineer
Data analyst Engineer
Tecnologo Linea pilota
Data Scientist
HR Data Analyst
IT Project Manager
Project Manager Area Dati
Technical & Business Project Manager
Innovation Manager
Digital Transformation Officer
Innovation Specialist
IoT Engineer
IoT Manager
IoT Project Manager
Automation Engineer
Automation Manager
Technical Engineer
Big Data Engineer
Data Platform Engineer
Software Engineer
Cloud System Engineer
Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Process Manager
Blockchain Innovation Manager
Robotic Data Scientist
Data Architect
Product Manager
Product Innovation Manager
Head of Product Management
Business Development Manager
IT Operations Manager
Data Governance Manager
DevOps Engineer
DevOps Manager
Industrial Manager
Software developer
Software engineer
ICT Manager

What you will learn

General innovation management

Understand the purpose, content and process of defining a company’s innovation strategy.
Acquire the skills needed to predict the impact of technological innovation and manage the dynamics on organizational processes and business strategies.

Knowledge of the main requirements of the regulations of an innovation management system according to the ISO 5600 series of standards.
Knowledge the basic concepts of sustainability and ESG framework in order to be able to generate innovative ideas from a ‘sustainable development perspective.
To learn the guiding concepts for adopting a sustainable business model, a description of the main business processes of the sustainable enterprise.

Digital Transformation

The course aims to provide the basic skills aimed at understanding and embracing the challenges and methodologies for dealing with digital transformation. Especially, the possibilities for organizing the company toward an innovation model, which can thrive in competition and customer satisfaction. In addition, issues related to innovation technologies, their understanding and use, and the necessary cultural and organizational changes to enable their successful adoption and competitive advantage will be addressed.

The course develops awareness and basic knowledge of ecological, social and governance (ESG) transition through context analysis, and focusing on sustainable development goals.

Acquire skills and knowledge to increase company quality and profitability through the adoption of Lean principles and techniques in manufacturing.

  • Understanding the meaning and trends of Digital Transformation, and how they impact business dynamics.
  • Understanding what are the key elements for internal promotion of Digital Transformation, and possible risks in communication.
  • Providing useful tools to foster a digital transformation process within one’s own reality (sector, company, BU).

Understand the key elements of the Open Innovation model and strategies, understand innovation ecosystems outside the traditional corporate network, conduct an analysis of potential open innovation projects in terms of skills, solutions and alliances by defining an Open Innovation strategy for your company.

  • Understanding the basic elements of structuring an effective Project Work
  • Understanding the importance of involving different stakeholders, both in the process of refining the Project Pork and in the validation and sponsorship process
  • Providing practical tools and tips for selling one’s Project Work in the company.

IT Techonologies enabling Industry 4.0

The foundation for fully understanding and building scalable pipelines for Big Data Analytics will be provided, with a focus on infrastructure to support applications in Industry 4.0. The intent is to build visualization solutions to support data understanding and to communicate data-driven information accurately and effectively. The theoretical lectures will be accompanied by company testimonials and practical exercises on the BI-REX pilot line.

The course aims to provide participants with the conceptual foundations and methodological guidance for implementing ERP and MES systems in order to provide guidance to the enterprise regarding the advantages of acquiring such systems while minimizing the risks of a complex project that affects all business areas.
The course delves into all the technical skills needed to understand IoT, Different topics will be explored, both from a theoretical and technical point of view, analyzing different possible architectures. The course aims to delve into the technical aspects and how they lead to the creation of business value for the company.
  • Definition of IoT as an ecosystem: its business and technical components
  • Framing the IoT ecosystem: smart cities, smart buildings, Industry 4.0/5.0 and future perspectives
  • Use case examples and introduction to the BI-REX pilot space
  • In-depth overview of radiomobile wireless systems with special focus on 5G

Brief overview of 4G and NB-IoT 5G wireless systems

  •   Its definition and focus of digital transformation
  •   Main UCs and related KPIs
  •   Main Technology Enablers
  •   5G private networks

Lectures will alternate between technical insights into basic machine learning technologies for classification problems and insights into new and emerging technologies such as generative AI and continuous learning. Tools for evaluating such systems will also be provided, particularly delving into the proper metrics for assessing their effectiveness. Basic expertise and background will be provided to enable an understanding of the strategic and technical aspects of market solutions and to outline and evaluate potential impacts of deep learning-related technologies within the R&D and innovation sectors of companies..

The course presents the new paradigm of Edge Cloud Computing, highlighting its application areas and benefits in terms of performance, quality of service and infrastructure costs, on strategic models and technologies to implement transformation and Cloud Computing. The course provides a toolkit of fundamental knowledge to big-data management, elements of machine learning and an in-depth look at industrial applications of IoT.

It is aimed at all business functions involved in different capacities in the process of introducing, updating and enhancing information technologies in industrial processes (Industry 4.0), both on the decision-making (apex) and organizational side, as well as for the more technical and operational functions.

The main objective of the course is to provide a theoretical and practical basis for the development of monitoring and diagnostic procedures for mechanical systems. In particular, the main concepts will be provided in order to deal with problems of industrial interest related to monitoring and diagnostics of joints, shafts, bearings and mechanical transmissions. The topics will be covered from both a theoretical and an applied point of view through the application of these concepts on the BI-REX Pilot Line.
The course is also intended to provide the basics and application examples related to maintenance servitization topics. The advantages/criticalities that these methodologies introduce will be highlighted. Concrete examples of servitization based on IoT and digital twin strategies.

The main objective of this course is to provide basic knowledge regarding the main concepts and principles related to the security of information systems and telecommunication networks. Particular attention will be paid to digital innovation aspects in the business environment especially with regard to the transition process to Industry 4.0. In addition, some key regulatory aspects will also be considered (e.g., the upcoming transposition of the European NIS-2 directive).
Basic elements of blockchain, history and evolution of protocols, use cases to date and prospective, blockchain as an enabling technology, web1 web3 evolution, Metaverse, examples of successful implementation of technologies, identification of value points to be included in dynamics and web 3 platforms.

The module aims to provide the basics of Manufacturing and Operations within modern manufacturing and service delivery systems. Following this initial framing, it will be possible to delve into the role of ‘automation and digitization within modern Supply Chains and in particular the effect of the enabling technologies envisioned by the Industry 4.0 plan. Particular attention will be paid to the discussion of practical cases and field exercises.

Understand the key elements of data-driven business models and strategies, understand how data-generating processes can help shape the organization,identify useful data-driven initiatives for your business and stakeholders to engage, understand the usefulness of a data culture and governance. 

Why choose Teknè 5.0®?

The Executive Master’s program compared to other highly specialized programs with a Digital Innovation theme offers the following:

Project Work

Project Work is aimed at starting your company’s digitization project; Teknè 5.0® offers support and advice to make it a reality.
Assessments of participants’ digitization projects will be conducted before and during the Master’s program, providing feedback and suggestions to improve and optimize digitization initiatives.

Pilot Line

Teknè 5.0® offers an immersive experience in the use of advanced technological tools by alternating theoretical sessions with experiential and practical moments on the Pilot Line and in the classroom.

State aid

BI-REX can provide MIMIT State Aid to enterprises in the form of a reduction on the Master’s course, with aid intensity linked to the size of the participants’ home company.

Network with partners and companies

eknè 5.0® offers opportunities to network with partners and visit companies operating in the BI-REX and Gellify ecosystem. This provides valuable connections and access to resources and opportunities for collaboration in digital innovation.

Teknè 5.0® told by the Executive Master’s protagonists

Paolo Bellavista – Director of the Master, UNIBO
Big Data and Data Visualization for Industry 4.0

Lucia Chierchia, Gellify
Gellify Company Project Work and Technology Roadmap (TRM)

Andrea Graglia, Siemens
Siemens Cloud Computing, Edge Computing and Internet of Things (IoT)

Gabriele D’Angelo, UNIBO

Selection process

A technical selection interview and cv analysis are required to enter the program.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, from the best Italian experts in the field, the practical and theoretical skills required by the Industry 4.0 Plan, and start the digital transformation of your business.

Our partners

The Executive Master Teknè 5.0 was born out of close collaboration with our partners, who with passion and dedication contributed to the birth of this project.

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