Realisation of the digital twin (Digital Twin) of the steel strip straightening machine for the cold pressing of automotive components of the braking system

From concept to after-sales, via design, engineering, process and production, Digital Twins are able to validate a product/process in the digital space, with significant reductions in cost, time and increased quality. Even in the field of cold forging (Fine Blanking- FB), where centesimal geometric tolerances are typically required, the Digital Twin Hybrid can guarantee production and quality advantages quantifiable in a 25% reduction of scrap and 35% reduction of rework of the moulded product. With the availability of an I4.0 production environment, with a structured MES connected in the cloud to the plant ERP, it appears promising to evaluate the use of advanced tools for automated process correlation analysis and its possible reconfiguration, based on innovative hybrid digital twin techniques.

The DIGIBRAKE project therefore aims to increase the competitiveness of the automotive component manufacturing sector by improving and innovating the cold pressing production process, acting specifically on the sheet metal straightening process at the press inlet, through the application and specialisation to the case in point of advanced Automated Process Correlation Analysis, Machine Learning and Physical Process Simulation tools.

  • Provision of services and infrastructure
    The project will make use of the services and infrastructures offered by BI-REX. Specifically, the project will make use of the following services: support in reporting activities; support in relation to communication activities (technical publications in trade journals, dissemination events related to the project, etc.), training and dissemination of the results obtained, which will be coordinated by Seamthesis.
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  • Util Industries SpA
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Call: Call 3

Area: Advanced systems for production process management

Sub Area: Digital Twin for cold forging of automotive components

Implementation period: 04.08.2021 – 03.02.2023