A data driven solution to reduce multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria health hazard

The DATAH project will develop an innovative digital platform for the management and monitoring of diagnostic routines for the active surveillance of antibiotic therapy resistant bacteria (Multi Drug Resistant). The architecture of a modular digital platform will be defined, with particular reference to the definition of dynamic workflows for the management of complex protocols thanks to Baxter’s expertise in providing products and services for hospitals. The preliminary data collection phase highlighted the replicability of the project in several hospital facilities: DATAH will not be tied to particular data sources and structures, but based on a distributed database with Clinical Data Repository function. K-Digitale’s expertise in IoT device interconnection and data integration will be used to integrate field elements into the DATAH platform that can provide real-time location data on the interactions between patients, healthcare personnel, visitors and devices

  • Provision of services and infrastructure
    The project will make use of the services and infrastructure offered by BI-REX and its consortium member Modis Consulting Srl. Specifically, it will provide access to the ‘Tech Solutions’ innovation facility for the integration of RTLS monitoring systems.
  • Sharing, use, dissemination of product material and know-how
    All contents/materials produced will be shared with BI-REX and used for dissemination and diffusion of know-how. The use of this content will particularly concern training activities.
  • Baxter SpA (Coordinatore)
  • K-Digitale Srl

Call: Call 3

Area: Advanced systems for production process management

Sub Area: Digitisation of processes, services and 4.0 technologies applied to healthcare facilities

Implementation period: 01.8.2021 – 31.01.2023