Multi-Assessment Technique for Reducing the Impact of Contamination Scenarios

The MATRICS project aims to test applications for traceability and process automation in healthcare. Within the technological innovation project, two pilot actions will be developed employing RTLS (Real Time Location Services) technology for the containment of infection spread risk, obtaining as output a solution of absolute topicality and replicable and scalable potential in the field of hand hygiene compliance and indoor positioning & navigation for healthcare facilities. The method that the project partnership intends to develop in MATRICS will enable more effective control in contamination risk scenarios by evolving the current traditional/manual practice to a digitized system. The solution will be tested within a real operating environment (in a Lazio health facility). The proposal pursues the objective of increasing the competitiveness of the companies involved, through a process of improvement and innovation of production processes, business models and organizational models.

  • Provision of services, Pilot Line and infrastructure
    The project will make use of the services and infrastructure offered by BI-REX. Specifically, the project will make use of a specialized privacy/GDPR consulting service, which will make it possible to attest that the testing environment meets the GDPR standards.
  • Sharing, use, dissemination of produced material and know-how
    All content/materials produced will be shared with BI-REX and used for dissemination and dissemination of know-how. The use of such content (agreed upon by all project partners) may characterize a training activity delivered by BI-REX as part of the project “BI-REX for Life Sciences”.
  • Baxter SpA (Coordinatore)
  • K-Digitale Srl

Call: Call 3

Area: Advanced systems for production process management

Sub Area: Digitization of processes, services and 4.0 technologies applied to Health Facilities

Implementation period: 06.08.2021 – 05.02.2023