Evolving Open Facility Management

Facility management services need to focus on physical-digital connectivity and data automation, transforming physical assets into connected ecosystems. The goal of the project is to design and develop the Digital Twin module of the OFM software, CNS’s management system, through BIM, IoT, Blockchain and Augmented/Virtual Reality technologies so that it will be an asset for consortium orders and internal management. The development of the Digital Twin module will enable a greater degree of efficiency and accuracy in building analysis and monitoring, controlling energy flows, environmental conditions and material attributes in real time. EOFM will enable greater control of processes and services, optimizing management resulting in reduced costs and environmental impact.

The partnership will develop a practice-tested innovation developed together with end users using a Service Design approach for user experience design and Agile methodologies for development. EOFM will enable the configuration of the partners’ service production lines through the development of a Digital Twin module.

  • Provision of services, Pilot Line and infrastructure
    The project will make use of the services and infrastructure offered by BI-REX. Specifically, the project will make use of the services of Project Management (for administrative reporting of activities) and Location (holding project meetings, final communication event and co-working activities at BI-REX headquarters).
  • Sharing, use, dissemination of produced material and know-how
    All content/materials produced will be shared with BI-REX and used for dissemination and dissemination of know-how. This content, agreed upon between the project partners, may be used in particular for training activities.
  • Consorzio Nazionale dei Servizi Soc. Coop. a r.l. (Coordinatore)
  • Formula Servizi Soc. Coop.
  • Gruppo Pragma Srl

Call: Call 2

Area: Advanced systems for production process management

Sub Area: Digital Twin For Configuring Service Production Lines And Complex Systems

Implementation period: 18.12.2020 – 17.06.2022