Augmented Reality User Manual Library

Through the ARUMAL project, Marchesini Group intends to implement a digital documentation system (user and maintenance manuals for manufactured machinery) enriched by the potential of Augmented Reality. By acquiring and customising a software produced by Parametric Technology Italia (PTC) Srl, Marchesini Group intends to create a new environment for the digital use of its manuals: visualisations where the digital contents co-exist with the physical environment and interact with each other in real time. The company thus intends to equip itself with the ability to create an enhanced vision of reality in which iconographic (images, audio and video) and textual (information and data) contents are superimposed on what the user sees around them in real time.

  • Provision of services, Pilot Line and BI-REX infrastructure
    The project will make use of the Pilot Line and the services offered by the BI-REX consortium: in particular, it will make use of the General Contractor service, which envisages the implementation of several activities (acquisition of a researcher from UNIBO; training of ARUMAL operators through the provision of a training course; coaching/coaching for software installation on Marchesini servers.
  • Sharing, use, dissemination of product material and know-how
    Sharing the vision and values underpinning BI-REX, at the end of the project all contents/materials produced and methodologies adopted (guidelines, procedures and policies) will be used by BI-REX with a view to disseminating know-how. This aspect will particularly concern BI-REX training activities.
  • Marchesini Group SpA (Coordinatore)
  • Sertek Srl

Call: Call 3

Area: Ict for machines and production lines

Sub Area: Platforms for the optimal management of technical documentation in operation through Augmented Reality (AR)

Implementation period: 27.07.2021 – 27.02.2023