Platform for Maintenance Optimization

The maintenance of assets and service production facilities has assumed a fundamental role from an economic, qualitative (products and processes) and ethical-social (operator and environmental safety) point of view. The choice of the correct maintenance policy mix is one of the fundamental aspects in achieving efficient maintenance of production assets. The project therefore intends to elaborate and then translate into a software platform an innovative methodological approach that allows companies an integrated and efficient management of all the data of interest on which to apply methods of technical-economic optimisation of policies. PROMPT has the following objectives:

  1. to define a complete procedure for the identification of critical components within a complex plant;
  2. to realise a software platform that supports/implement the procedure defined in the previous objective;
  3. to test the platform on the BI- REX Pilot Line;
  4. to test the platform developed in the previous points on company use cases by the companies participating in the project.
  • Provision of services, Pilot Line and infrastructure
    The project will make extensive use of the Pilot Line, infrastructures and services offered by BI-REX: in addition to the use of the equipment, it is also planned to apply the solutions developed during the project on the same Line; furthermore, through the Project Management service, BI- REX will provide its administrative and organisational expertise.
  • Sharing, use, dissemination of product material and know-how
    All the contents/materials produced and the methodologies adopted will be used by BI-REX with a view to disseminating know-how to its consortium members: specifically, in addition to the creation of targeted documents, the production of multimedia demos describing the application on the Line of the developed platform is also envisaged. The material produced may also be used by BI-REX in connection with its own training activities.
  • Aetna Group SpA (coordinatore)
  • Altair Engineering Srl
  • Bonfiglioli SpA
  • Eascon Srl
  • Marposs Italia SpA
  • Nier Ingegneria SpA
  • Philip Morris Manufacturing and Technology Bologna SpA
  • IOOOTA Srl

Call: Call 1

Area: Ict for machines and production lines

Sub Area: Platforms for Optimal Maintenance of Manufacturing Processes

Implementation period: 27.07.2020 – 27.01.2022