Agri-Food TRACK

Agri-Food Traceability through the blockchain

The development of agrifoodtech, relating to the management and monitoring of agrifood supply chains through digital technologies, offers an unprecedented opportunity for innovative projects to guarantee the traceability and sustainability of agricultural production. The Agri-Food TRACK project envisages the implementation of an integrated platform of notarised data through blockchain technology for Made in Italy agro-industrial productions and intends to develop the From Farm To Fork approach, certifying, through blockchain, the production and transformation process of three typical Emilia-Romagna products: tomato, wine and oil. After the regional pilot phase, the model will be replicated in other territorial realities and other flagship supply chains of Made in Italy. The proposed solution will make it possible to enhance the origin of the product and the cultivation and processing techniques that have determined its quality and characteristics, as well as the human factor involved.

  • Provision of BI-REX services and infrastructure
    The project will make use of the infrastructures and services offered by the BI-REX consortium, in particular with regard to a training course focused on Big Data and Analytics for some employees of the participating companies. In terms of communication, BI-REX will offer support for the organisation and promotion of a phygital Workshop “Blockchain in Emilia-Romagna: more value to agrifood supply chains, from field to table”, which will take place at the end of the project.
  • Sharing, use, dissemination of product material and know-how
    At the end of the project all the contents/materials produced will be used by BI-REX with a view to disseminating know-how in relation to its own training and information activities. The above-mentioned event will also represent an opportunity for dissemination and networking with institutions, stakeholders and potential customers and new partners, in order to establish new strategic alliances.
  • Image Line Srl Unipersonale (Coordinatore)
  • EZ Lab Srl

Call: Call 3

Area: Security & Blockchain

Sub Area: Platforms for the collection and certification of food crop data

Implementation period: 07.7.2021 – 06.1.2023