Our services

What we offer

An orientation, training and consultancy system for companies, closely integrated with the Digital Innovation Hubs operating in Italy;

A wide ecosystem including innovation projects and collaborative public-private industrial research projects within several thematic areas that make use of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies, in an integrated way;

A Pilot Plant where Industry 4.0 enabling technologies can be implemented and optimized;

Dedicated areas within our structures where conferences, meetings, training and coworking activities can be implemented.




    In collaboration with Digital Innovation Hubs and Business Associations; Workshops and conferences, thematic working groups, reports and analyses on Key Enabling Technologies; Assessment services, digital readiness, digital marketing, cybersecurity; Consulting services that includes a check about implementation projects and support in technology choice


    For different targets; Online training activities; In-class training activities; On the Pilot Plant; Entry level and managerial training activities (on specific technologies and business models concerning Industry 4.0)


    Split among 8 thematic areas that make use of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies in an integrated way; Possibility to implement projects through calls co-financed by Bi-Rex and Italian Ministry of Economic Development


    An Education area and a Coworking area (with related services) where conferences, training activities, meetings and private professionals activities can be implemented (“Location” service);  Presence of the Pilot Plant, central hub of a digitally interconnected network of innovation centers

Orientation and Consultancy

The Orientation services are structured through a first level of intervention together with the company, aimed at the implementation of a first approach towards the technology of interest; this intervention can be quantified in about one working day and the next result is the production of a report, that will be shared with the company.

The Consultancy services are structured through a series of interventions aimed at supporting the company in adopting technological or organizational solutions; these interventions, quantifiable over several days, will be based on a shared plan and its starting point may be represented by the report generated in a previous Orientation activity.

Training activities

Our training activities, articulated both through webinars and training courses, represent an important service to all companies that intend to start technological innovation and digitalization processes. Our goal is not only to assist companies in this delicate moment, responding to their requests and needs, but also to provide useful tools to companies for the adoption of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies.

The training courses are organized as follows: participation in intercompany courses; distance courses, on e-learning platform; in-house and single-company courses.

Innovation Projects

The Innovation Projects are Technology Transfer integrated projects aimed at implementing Industry 4.0 technological solutions within the company: from demonstration activities through the Pilot Plant to the development of Proof of concept, up to the activation of new production lines, products, services.


Our Competence Center can count on a completed headquarters that allows us to provide activities and services. Our structure covers 1.500 square meters inside Opificio Golinelli, place of contamination for training, research and business activities: this choice has the specific goal to support industrial culture, promote networking and sharing of new concepts and technologies.

We provide companies, training entities, universities, research centers, associations, organizations and private professionals with an Education area and a Coworking area (with related services) where you can organize conferences, training activities, meetings and carry out private professional activities.

The Pilot Plant, central hub of a digitally interconnected network of our partners’ innovation centers, enriches the offer of services we are able to provide.