What we offer

BI-REX supports companies and all players involved in technological innovation and digital transformation processes, providing useful tools for the adoption of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies and facilitating technology transfer operations.

We have developed a complete catalog of targeted services in order to help companies in their Industry 4.0 path: we are able to provide our services by responding to the specific requests and needs of companies.

Linea Pilota

Pilot Plant

The Pilot Plant is a cutting-edge production line where the new Industry 4.0 technologies are integrated with traditional ones, in a digitally interconnected environment.

The plant is an example of a digital factory of the future (smart factory), located at our headquarters. The Pilot Line was designed to:

  • Anticipate digital transformation processes;
  • Support the technological innovation of companies;
  • Increase the added value of company products.


Orientation services represent the very first level of interaction between BI-REX and one company, aimed at a first approach toward the technology of interest. This phase usually requires a full working day, the result of which is the production of a report, shared with the company. With our Orientation service, the company can be driven to discover all of the opportunities that adopting new technologies could bring, in order to stay up-to-date with the latest market’s needs and trends.

Orientation services are divided into two different areas: Technical Seminaries; Orientation activities, interventions and tools.



Our training activities, articulated both through webinars and training courses, are aimed at all companies, SMEs and Professionals operating in several industrial sectors, willing to start a technological and digital innovation processes and interested in acquiring or increasing their Industry 4.0 skills. Our main goal is to respond to their needs, but also providing them with the useful tools to adopt Industry 4.0 enabling technologies.

Our courses are structured through seven different areas:

  • Big Data; ICT;
  • Security & Blockchain;
  • Additive and Advanced Manufacturing;
  • Collaborative Robotics, Warehousing and AGV;
  • Managerial skills;
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility.


Our consulting services consist in a series of operations, aimed at supporting the company in the adoption of different technological or organizational solutions. These operations, which can be quantified over several working days, will be based on a shared plan, the starting point of which may also be the report generated in a previous Orientation activity.

Our consulting services are structured through six different areas:

  • Specialistic Consulting;
  • Digital Maturity Assessment;
  • Technological Scouting;
  • Business Model;
  • Human Capital;
  • Dissemination.

Innovation Projects

Innovation projects are integrated Technology Transfer project, aiming to implement Industry 4.0 solutions in the target company: from demonstrative activities, through our Pilot Pant and Proof of Concept development, to the implementation of new production lines, product and services.

This service is divided into two areas:

  • General Contractor activities;
  • Project Management activities.

Access to Grants

Thanks to our partnership with Innova Finance e Warrant Hub, famous firms which manage subsidized financing to enterprises, we offer a broad range of tailor-made services, customized in order to match one company’s plans to start a journey toward technological and digital innovation.

The services offered in collaboration with Innova Finance are: Planning and Development Analysis, Continuous Projecting, Single Projecting.

The services offered in collaboration with Warrant Hub are: Automatic and Subsidized Finance, Evaluative and Negotiation Subsidized Finance, European Finance.

Open Innovation

Thanks to partnerships with Almacube, incubator and innovative hub of the University of Bologna and Confindustria Emilia Area Centro, we offer a series of services structured in six different sub-areas:

  • 4.0 Ideation Workshop;
  • Digital Transformation Project;
  • Open Collaboration Project;
  • University and Research Center Knowledge Integration;
  • Match & Innovation Workshop.


Our Competence Center can count on a completed headquarters that enables us to provide activities and services. Our building in Bologna covers 1.500 m² inside of Opificio Golinelli, an interaction place for training, research and enterprises activities.

Through our Location, we provide an Education area (training rooms),a Coworking area (workstations) and a Meeting Room within which companies, training institutions, universities, research facilities, associations, organizations and private professionals can organize and carry out conferences, training activities, meetings and private professional activities.