We have designed and developed a varied series of targeted and concrete services, with the aim of assisting the 4.0 Innovation processes of SMEs in a strategic way.



BI-REX Activities and Mission

2020 turned out to be more complicated than expected due to the pandemic. In a context in which it is increasingly important to work as a team, the position of our Competence Center takes on strategic importance at national level: we are at the center of a network in which innovation plays a central role, we foster cooperation between public and private sectors, we are well aware of the dynamics that allow companies to equip themselves with 4.0 enabling technologies and we believe it is of fundamental importance to systematize the skills and resources among all the players involved in these processes, through the creation of valuable relationships.

Precisely for these reasons, we at BI-REX have never stopped pursuing our mission, which is to help companies in their path of Industry 4.0 transformation and technological innovation: among the various activities implemented in 2020, our work is is also focused on expanding and improving our services to be provided to them. We pay particular attention to SMEs (which represent 95% of our industrial fabric) and it is necessary to give a significant boost to the driving force of the industrial system: it therefore becomes more appropriate to start an awareness-raising action towards them, make them participate, assist them, to ensure that the entire Italian system gains in terms of competitiveness.


Support for companies

All these peculiarities allow us to touch what their needs are. Precisely to meet their needs and requests we have developed and prepared a very detailed catalogue that includes a varied series of services, divided into eight different areas:

  • Pilot Plant Services;
  • Guidance services;
  • Training services;
  • Consulting Services;
  • Innovation Projects;
  • Access Services to Subsidized Finance;
  • Open Innovation services;
  • Location service.

By providing these services we are able to:

  • Bring companies closer to the necessary innovation processes;
  • Transfer skills, excellence and resources to them;
  • Facilitate collaboration between different players involved in innovation;
  • Making research and development processes more fluid;
  • Promote technological innovation;
  • Making the made in Italy system more competitive on international markets.


Contact us to start a journey towards Industry 4.0!

If you want to know more, contact our sales representatives at the e-mail addresses danilo.mascolo@bi-rex.italberto.gualtieri@bi-rex.it or at the number 051.0923254.