Tomato for baby food: monitoring heavy metal in production chain

Il The project was created with the aim of safeguarding the health of babies in food, for whom stricter production criteria must be applied. The organic baby food market is growing, particularly in terms of 0-residue foods. Organic tomato processors, in order to meet these needs, are equipping themselves with procedures to detect aluminum, arsenic, cadmium and mercury values, within the fields, tomato berries and in finished products. These are time-consuming activities that allow for the detection of nonconformities only after processing is complete. Therefore, the goal of TOMMY is to implement a DSS Cloud, dedicated to the management of Big Data coming from the field, to carry out monitoring of heavy metals in the soil, developing a predictive model of contamination levels in organic tomatoes and processed product destined for baby food. Specifically, the project aims to equip the Le Due Valli company with an innovative tool for tracking the tomato berry from field to processing, improving the company’s production process, reducing waste and increasing production quality, creating a lasting competitive advantage.

  • Provision of services and infrastructure
    The project will make use of BI-REX services, in particular for communication and dissemination activities both internally and externally: the former involves the exchange of information on project progress and results; the latter involves the planning and implementation of a communication campaign aimed at end consumers (to raise awareness of the purchase of baby food produced using the implemented traceability system) and Emilia-Romagna farms (to promote the adoption of the technological solution). This task will be carried out through the organization of workshops or webinars that will be promoted and conveyed through the BI-REX network.
  • Sharing, use, dissemination of produced material and know-how
    At the conclusion of the project, all the contents/materials produced will be used for dissemination and dissemination of know-how especially regarding BI-REX training activities.
  • Flippetti SpA (Coordinatore)
  • Le Due Valli Srl

Call: Call 2

Area: Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Sub Area: Traceability in the tomato supply chain under Precision and Interconnected Agriculture

Implementation period: 16.12.2020 – 15.06.2022