Safety and Security for Smart Production

The ‘Safety and Security for Smart Production’ (SS4SP) project aims to study, design and implement innovative procedural and technological solutions to improve the IT security, business continuity and safety of Industry 4.0 plants. In an increasingly interconnected context, the project aims to improve the competitiveness of companies by enabling them to enrich their plants with innovative functionalities and new business models while guaranteeing maximum plant safety and resilience. In particular, it is expected to achieve two objectives:

  • identification of a series of best practices and management solutions that enable the assessment of the level of IT security and safety of an individual machine and a connected plant in relation to existing standards;
  • identification and implementation of procedural and technological solutions that enable the production and deployment of interconnected production systems and plants, capable of offering remote monitoring and control functions, with the highest level of security.
  • Provision of services, Pilot Line and infrastructure
    The project will make extensive use of BI-REX technologies, infrastructures and services, in particular with regard to the Pilot Line that will be made available in order to foster the experimentation of project research and solutions: specifically, one of the three use cases will be implemented within the LP. In relation to services, BI- REX will offer support in terms of design, implementation and safety assessment for the activities that will take place in the LP.
  • Sharing, use, dissemination of product material and know-how
    All the contents/materials produced and the methodologies adopted will be used by BI-REX with a view to dissemination and diffusion of
    know-how. This aspect will concern training activities.
  • SACMI Imola SC (Coordinatore)
  • IMA SpA
  • Imola Informatica SpA
  • Siemens SpA
  • Alascom Srl

Call: Call 1

Area: Security & Blockchain

Sub Area: Security Platforms for IoT Connected in Distributed Production Lines cybersecurity in networks

Implementation period: 22.07.2020 – 21.07.2022