Cold Chain Platform

Realisation of a prototype of a secure andd shared Supply Chain in the Cold Chain sector

The project proposal is part of the Supply Chain of the pharmaceutical sector, and in particular of those drugs/devices that must be kept within specific temperature ranges in order to be effective on the patient. This project aims at the realisation of a platform that allows the management of all the significant data necessary for a complete traceability of all the activities carried out on the drugs/devices subjected to the Cold Chain (from production to administration), so as to demonstrate and certify that the product has been handled throughout the Supply Chain in a manner that complies with its characteristics. The proposed solution stems from the pharmaceutical sector’s need to demonstrate that it is operating more effectively throughout the drug/device lifecycle, guaranteeing its production quality but also its identifiability, traceability and integrity throughout the supply chain. The use of IoT technologies allows access to information directly from the source that generates it, the use of Rfi-id tags allows identification of materials through smart labels, while Blockchain technology allows the use of a shared digital ledger.

  • Provision of Pilot Line and Infrastructure
    The project will make use of BI-REX technologies and infrastructures. In relation to the Pilot Line, BI-REX will provide equipment and tools for the realisation of a scale model of the solution, with integration of the different hardware and software components. The scale model will represent the Cold Chain and will allow to physically represent all the technologies that will be adopted, as well as the integration platform.
  • Sharing, use, dissemination of produced material and know-how
    All contents/materials produced and methodologies adopted will be used with a view to the dissemination of know-how, both in connection with BI-REX training activities and at the level of scientific dissemination.
  • Altea UP Srl (Coordinatore)
  • Esisoftware Srl
  • Keethings Italy Srl
  • Ellab Srl
  • JSB Solutions Srl

Call: Call 1

Area: Advanced systems for production process management

Sub Area: Real-Time Product and Process Traceability

Implementation period: 13.07.2020 – 12.01.2022