Collaborative logistics and ergonomics for complex manufacturing systems

ErgoLogiCo envisages the implementation of applied research and technological development activities with the aim of developing a system for managing and feeding automated workstations or collaborative cells, by means of evolved robotic AGV solutions capable of being autonomous in the feeding (selection, picking and depositing) and handling phases of the parts or components involved in the production process. This includes, on the one hand, the ergonomic design of the work cells in order to improve operator satisfaction and overall system performance, and on the other hand, the management of interactions between these robotic vehicles and the logistics operators present, which could occur during the training operations of the robotic AGV as well as during its operational phase. The project is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of companies by introducing new organisational, logistics and management models.

  • Provision of services, Pilot Line and infrastructure
    The project will be developed within the BI-REX Pilot Line and will make extensive use of BI-REX technologies, infrastructures and services, which will provide equipment, facilities and expertise. BI-REX will also provide some of its own services, taking care of the following activities: coordination with UNIBO and UNIMORE (which will provide technical and scientific advice and recruit dedicated staff) and reporting support.
  • Sharing, use, dissemination of product material and know-how
    At the end of the project all the contents/materials produced and the methodologies adopted will be used by BI-REX with a view to disseminating know-how. This will concern both training activities and the provision of support and technology transfer services to companies. The know-how obtained during the project can also be used to carry out further development and industrial research activities.
  • Alascom Srl (Coordinatore)
  • Poggipolini SpA
  • SACMI Imola SC
  • Filippetti SpA

Call: Call 1

Area: Collaborative Robotics, Warehousing e AGV

Sub Area: Flexible Automated Transport Systems (AGVs/LGVs/Collaborative Vehicles) and Advanced Storage Systems

Implementation period: 27.07.2020 – 24.07.2022