Integration of Process Product Service for Lithium Accumulators

The transition to a sustainable development of the society requires a massive electrification process in sectors that use energy in mobile applications: lithium-ion batteries play a key role in fostering sustainable mobility, as in the various vehicle applications the battery generally represents both the component with the highest cost and the technical element that most influences the performance and functionality of the vehicle itself. The technological content and consequent economic value of a battery can be divided into two parts: the cells and the cell-to-pack integration.

The IPPSAL Project will develop the key aspects of cell-to-pack integration to make them applicable to the majority of lithium cells currently available on the market and those soon to be introduced on the market. IPPSAL will also develop the battery’s monitoring solutions in order to maximise the value of the battery asset throughout the product life cycle. The project implementation will rely on the integration of technologies from different players, sharing know- how on: product solutions, process technology, process control technologies, service solutions.

  • Provision of services, Pilot Line and infrastructure
    The project will make use of the technologies, infrastructures and services offered by the BI-REX consortium, in particular with regard to the use of the technical resources of the BI-REX Pilot Line, which are not available at the project partners. More specifically, BI-REX will provide: Modular cloud computing infrastructure based on OpenStack; SLM – SISMA MYSINT300 laser sintering machine for the realisation of prototypes through Additive Manufacturing. BI-REX will also provide some of its own services, especially related to the support in the management of the contractual relationship with UNIBO.
  • Manz Italy Srl (Coordinatore)
  • Ducati Motor Holding SpA
  • Marposs SpA, Poggipolini SpA
  • Flashbattery Srl

Call: Call 2

Area: Collaborative robotics, Warehousing e AGV

Sub Area: Automation for Cell and Lithium Battery Assembly

Implementation period: 19.12.2020 – 18.12.2022