We are expanding our training offer with a new digital platform created in collaboration with TIM Academy: this project addresses companies and professionals interested in acquiring, developing and increasing their 4.0 skills.  


LearningFlix for BI-REX is available on-line, the new digital training platform for professionals and companies that wish to expand and update their expertise on Industry 4.0 technologies! The launch of the platform was made official during an ad hoc webinar organized by BI-REX.

Our commitment to support companies in the digital transition and the adoption of 4.0 technologiespersists and thanks to our prestigiouspartnership with TIM’s Corporate Academywe are inaugurating LearningFlix. This way, we enrich our extensive training catalogue with new options for all those who increasingly need non-stop training to cope with market changes and the challenges of technological evolution

As early as 2020, Tim Academy is offering companies training courses dedicated to the use of technology and digital solutions. The shared goal of BI-REX and Tim Academy is to trigger a virtuous circle that generates knowledge development and continuous updating of skills on 4.0 issues. The aim is to enable companies to initiate innovative processes that are constantly in step with the times: in fact, digital skills represent the key element for transforming production models and designing an interconnected and sustainable future.

It is precisely for this reason that we make LearningFlix available to companies, with wide-ranging training offers that integrate TIM Academy’s online courses on Industry 4.0 technologies with BI-REX’s educational initiatives!

It is a modern, fast and easy-to-use solution that allows you to access a large catalog of courses in continuous enrichment, thanks to the contribution of the 4.0 ecosystem of which BI-REX is part: Big Data, Robotics, Edge and Cloud Computing, Virtual and Augmented Reality are just some of the keywords that describe the training offer on the platform.

Find out more by visiting the page: for professionals and interested companies you can get a demo and a free trial of the LearningFlix platform! For more information on the training offer, send an email (specifying the company name and e-mail domain) to massimo.pulvirenti@bi-rex.it.

Do not miss this great opportunity and start your path towards innovation 4.0!