After the great success of the first two calls, the Bologna Competence Center launches the third call to support the processes of technological innovation 4.0: focus on 6 thematic areas.



BI-REX akes a further concrete step to support companies and the Italian production system, with a view to Industry 4.0: the Bologna Center of Competence has in fact published its third call for proposals, aimed at developing new design ideas for technological innovation. The thematic areas on which this call will focus are: Big Data for manufacturing; ICT for machines and production lines; Advanced systems for the management of production processes; Security and Blockchain; Additive & Advanced Manufacturing; Sustainability and social responsibility. The tender provides for a total financial endowment of approximately 1.1 million euros.

After the issuance of the first 2 calls, which were able to involve and reward as many as 65 companies (half of which SMEs) and 10 universities / research centers for the implementation of 24 innovation projects, BI-REX once again confirms the strategic role played at national level in the field of technological innovation 4.0, especially in light of all the activities implemented in recent months: from the inauguration of the Pilot Line, the first Smart Factory in Italy, to the launch of the Solutions Observatory and Industry 4.0 Technologies, up to 22 webinars organized on the issues of enabling technologies 4.0.

“The launch of this third call is the culmination of an important path: the calls issued in October 2019 and May 2020 were a great success for our Center. – says Stefano Cattorini, BI-REX General Director – Among all the Competences, BI-REX was the one that awarded the most conspicuous co-financing, equal to 5.4 million Euros, demonstrating how the tenders are configured as a key activity with great added value, which aims to enhance the most innovative companies. Transversality and capillarity throughout the national territory have been two distinctive features of our calls – continues Cattorini – up to now we have managed to involve 9 Italian regions and 14 different supply chains: the goal of the third call is to continue on this path, providing a great opportunities for all companies that consider technological innovation as a process of crucial importance in order to remain competitive on the market “.

The Competence Center will select the best Research, Development and Innovation ideas and initiatives aimed at experimentation, prototyping and adoption of solutions based on the use of these technologies: for each winning project it will be co-financed up to a maximum of 50% of the costs and for a maximum co-financing amount of 100,000 euros. Also in this case, qualitative projects with a maximum duration of 18 months will be awarded (the possibility of a motivated extension of a further 6 months is foreseen) and BI-REX’s choices will be made in line with the founding principles of the consortium: innovativeness, quality and repercussions economic aspects of the project on the Italian industrial fabric, inclusiveness of SMEs, enhancement of collaborative projects between public and private (i.e. the presence in partnership of several companies with universities, organizations and research institutions) will be considered as the main reward criteria in the allocation of resources.


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