Development of innovative systems for combining photovoltaics and agriculture

REM Tec has developed several globally recognized patents that connect renewable energy and agriculture: one of them is Agrovoltaico®, which was created as a response to the need to safeguard farmland, while enabling the widespread deployment of photovoltaic technology for the production of energy from renewable sources. Plants built with this technology aim at increasing electrical performance by means of dual-axis solar trackers and technologically advanced control systems. At the same time, the interest is in maximizing agricultural yield as well, both to maintain land use and to increase the economic benefits associated with the use of the plant.

Through this project proposal, which is structured through several actions, it is intended to improve the Agrovoltaico® product from the point of view of both efficiency for energy production and compatibility with agricultural practice, creating an integrated management system between the photovoltaic plant and agriculture. The goal will be achieved through the development of software for plant management, the creation of a prototype to test the new machinery, and the study of selected agricultural crops under different management scenarios.

  • REM Tec Srl (Coordinatore)
  • Rem Power Virgilio Srl

Call: Call 2

Area: Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Sub Area: Management optimization of agrovoltaic systems

Implementation period: 14.12.2020 – 13.06.2022