Main features

Pilot Plant is an advanced production line, where new Industry 4.0 technologies are integrated with traditional ones, in a digitally interconnected environment.

The plant is an example of Smart Factorylocated at our headquarters

Pilot Plant has been designed in order to:

  • Anticipate digital transformation processes;
  • Support technological innovation of enterprises;
  • Increase the added value of company products.

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Goals and key aspects

● Make available to companies a complete and integrated production system, where proposed solutions and necessary technologies can be implemented for the realization of innovative projects;

● Have a production system without company production constraints. Within this system, which can be reconfigurable and flexible on demand, development activities and industrial research can be implemented;

Use, integrate and transfer the technological skills of our public and private partners, in order to maximize innovation production ability;

Allow the realization of advanced prototypes and high added value small series, making them available on the market;

● Be recognizable and understandable for all players (schools, universities, companies, visitors, partners) involved in Industry 4.0 processes;

Allow the realization of «hands-on» educational and training programs, for partners and Smes.


Operational development areas


Development of IoT platforms, 5G connectivity, data acquisition and elaboration on local datacenter (private cloud) and remote cloud, Big-Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, Digital Twin


Additive production of metals through powder-bed laser melting and direct deposition, integrated with secondary processing (heat treatments, laser hardening, wire cutting), plastic materials printing


Implementation of advanced robotics, integration of mobile and collaborative robots for assembly tasks, logistics and warehousing, production line feeding and flexible automation


Manufacturing and finishing through 5-axis computer controlled (CNC) machining, automated dimensional control system, contactless laser scanning and reverse engineering


Innovation Centers network

The Pilot Plant is the central hub of a digitally interconnected network of our partners’ innovation centers. In addition to the devices, physically present in the line, it is possible to access services, instruments, machinery, technologies and skills present within BI-REX network and partnerships.

Through this network, we are able to offer companies:

  • Access to specific technologies and equipment of these centers;
  • Access to transversal thematic areas (biomedical, sustainability, etc.), thanks to data sharing and data management;
  • Data collection and integration from productive structures, for Big Data and Analytics applications;
  • Value-added services, in order to implement consultancy and training activities.
Techlab 4.0 Aetna The Laboratory includes palletizers, packaging machines and transportation simulation tests
Sacmi Innovation Lab 4.0 Sacmi Laboratory for the development and implementation of electronic components of industrial machines, design of components and materials for the ceramic sector.
TAC – Technology Application Center Siemens High level training center: classrooms and simulation stations for programming software machines in a virtual environment
IMA Lab IMA 5-axis hybrid CNC machining center for swarf removal and material transfer operations using DED technology
SmartTechLab Modis Basic electronic prototyping and embedded development Laboratory.
IoT Digital Lab Filippetti Focused on AI and Big Data, the Laboratory counts on hardware design stations and a firmware and software development department
DataRiver Lab DataRiver Laboratory for the development of web platforms for Business Analytics and the integration of heterogeneous and distributed data in different information sources.
UniBo, UniFe, UniPr, UniMoRe Universities Emilia-Romagna Region universities network includes several laboratories for engineering activities and projects
Alascom Lab Alascom IoT, Robotics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity
CINECA i-Space Cineca Middleware and software tools
EasConTech Eascon Data center, virtualization infrastructure
Polo Tecnologico Bentivoglio Energy Group AM Stratasys FDM and Polyjet systems, Desktop Metal, Formlabs, Makerbot and soon Xact Metal
INFN TTLab INFN Cloud, Big Data analysis and management systems, Machine Learning and IOT, Secure information management systems for data protected by GDPR.
Laboratory of Movement Analysis IOR Kinematic and dynamic analysis of human movement
Poggipolini Special Process Lab Poggipolini Fatigue tests, tensile tests, galvanic treatments
Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism IMEM-CNR Several Laboratories focused on: sensors, nanomaterials, conductive polymers, sensorized prototypes


Services and activities

The Pilot Plant is a complete and integrated production system, available for training, orientation and innovation activities. The line makes available a series of cutting edge technologies, integrated between them within a single environment.

The main services related to the Pilot Plant are:

  • Rental of the 4 operational development areas;
  • Development and use of Experiences and Proof of Concept;
  • Services of Innovation Centers network.