All the Italian Competence Centers were found to be eligible to participate in the European tender for the establishment of a continental network of digital innovation poles (EDIH) and intend to be an aggregation model for the innovation ecosystem in Europe as well.



he Ministry of Economic Development has communicated the national short list identifying the national aggregations that will become part of the European network of Digital Innovation Poles (EDIH), after the final approval of the European Commission which will take place next April. The European digital innovation poles project is part of the Digital Europe Programme, the digitization initiative to which the European Commission has allocated 7.5 billion euros in the 2021-2027 multi-year budget.

Among the selected projects, there are all the proposals that see the participation, often as the leader, of a National Competence Center. The network of 8 Italian Competence Centers is now a solid reality that crosses the country from North to South and represents a reference point for national companies, dealing with training, technology transfer in the 4.0 sector and management of tenders for innovation projects. high digital maturity.

The outcome of the pre-selection also confirms that the aggregation model in terms of innovation and digitization 4.0 represented by the Centers of Competence not only works but also represents an example that can be replicated from a European perspective.

In collaboration with Confindustria’s network of Digital Innovation Hubs, the network of Competence Centers is therefore starting to take the plunge in Europe, aggregating the best local skills to become an international reference point in the technological field and be the driving force for industrial transformation. of the Country System in the coming years.

Starting today, preparation for the restricted European tender to participate in the network of digital innovation poles (EDIH) begins: for the 8 Centers of Competence this is a further stimulus to improve skills, projects and achievements and to become an essential point of reference. for technological innovation for the benefit of the entire country system.

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