From May to December of this year we carried out 22 webinars on different thematic areas related to Industry 4.0 technologies: we wanted to take an exact photograph with clear and precise data of what our training offer has been and the picture that emerges is extremely positive.


2020 was a very productive year for our Competence Center as regards training activities: we were able to carry out 22 webinars from May to December, concerning the topics of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies. In addition to this, we have finalized the organization of 25 training courses (both direct and in collaboration) that we had to postpone due to the pandemic and which will be launched in the coming months.

The balance of this year’s end, which is really positive for our organization, cannot fail to deal with one of the factors that most characterized 2020: the covid-19 emergency. Many companies have had to face situations as new as they are unexpected: but if for many sectors this represented a real criticality, the same cannot be said for all those services which, under the pressure of the emergency, have received a strong stimulus to digitization by finding a notable feedback from users. This is certainly the case with training services which have found a whole new way of reinventing themselves, managing to withstand this crisis very well.

Our Competence Center, without losing sight of its mission, has continued to carry out its activities aware of the role played at national level, starting to provide training services in webinar format, maintaining a constant dialogue with the academic world and research centers and establishing new connections with the entrepreneurial fabric, achieving important results even remotely.

Below is the data that emerged from the data analysis we conducted on online training activities:

  • More than 1900 professionals from the business and academic world have followed the online training activities offered by our Competence Center;
  • Considering only the company contacts, the company functions that have totaled the highest average number of registrations are attributable to the managerial area and the most represented company role was that of the CEO (44.8%), followed by the technical representatives for development technological (12.7%);
  • Considering the university representatives, among students, professors, researchers and doctoral students, they were the first to register the highest percentage of participation (31.1%);
  • About 500 companies that have chosen BI-REX of which almost 70% are SMEs;
  • 33% of the participating companies are BI-REX consortium members, while 67% are new companies;
  • The area of ​​greatest interest for the professional growth of users was that relating to Big Data and IoT, a particularly important figure as it is perfectly in line with the focus of our Competence Center. The 10 webinars dealing with Big-Data and IoT by thematic area recorded 696 Subscribers, with an average therefore of 69.6 participants in webinars; however, the area with the highest average attendance was that relating to Robotics with an average of 83 attendees per webinar.



These results make us proud of the work we have done so far and we will continue to work to offer you high-level training services: thanks to the use of our Pilot Plant, we will also be able to enhance our BI-REX training offer.

If you are interested in learning more about our training, you can contact our contact person Massimo Pulvirenti at  or at 051.0923251.