The Ministry of Economic Development has introduced a new certification system for training activities: all companies interested in Training 4.0 and promoting digital skills within them, will be able to take advantage of an enhanced tax credit and can be supported by our Competence Center.


An important measure implemented by the Ministry of Economic Development to support digital transformation and innovation processes 4.0 of companies: Minister Giorgetti has signed an implementing decree that enhances the tax credit for companies on Training 4.0.

Objective of this initiative:

  • Guarantee an effective system of training activities 4.0;
  • Strengthen training courses so that they are consistent with the technological transformation of production processes and linked to the needs of businesses;
  • Develop new digital skills among workers.

The new tax credit rates for 4.0 training are increased:

  • From 50% to 70% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum annual limit of € 300,000, for small businesses;
  • From 40% to 50% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum annual limit of 250,000 Euros, for medium-sized enterprises;
  • For large companies the credit remains at 30% of the eligible expenses within the annual maximum limit of 250 thousand euros.

Companies are therefore granted an enhanced tax credit in the event that these services are performed by subjects certified by the Ministry of Economic Development.



The Competence Centers and the European Digital Innovation Hubs are among the entities accredited by the MISE.

Interested companies can then contact BI-REX for the implementation of training activities that will cover the following sectors:

  • Sales and Marketing;
  • Informatics;
  • Production techniques and technology.

For more information and to learn more about our training activities, contact us at and