Web-based platform enabling predictive Big Data models in Oncology

The project will develop a demonstrator, also usable in cloud, a decision support system useful for the better characterization of brain metastases, in their pre and post-treatment phases, for the definition of the response to treatment in radiotherapy and the personalization of the treatment pathway. The achievement of the objective will be made possible by the application of:

  • radiomic techniques that allow the extraction of quantitative data, which are not available to date;
  • AI techniques (machine learning and deep learning) for manipulating heterogeneous clinical data and extracting meaningful features;
  • an infrastructure, usable in cloud, for storage and data processing;
  • a web portal for content fruition made available to the doctor.
  • Provision of services, Pilot Line and infrastructure
    The BI-REX services to be used within the project refer to the development of demos, use cases and experiences. It is intended to set up the development of a bio-medical themed “experience” in the Pilot Line, a specific use-case also developed horizontally on several technologies. The infrastructures of the line related to Big Data management (local datacentres, remote cloud resources, software platforms) enable the management, storage and processing of heterogeneous data and the sharing of data can take place remotely in a secure manner (integration with cybersecurity applications), making it possible to create a network of two or more connected facilities. One node of the network is the Pilot Line itself: the experience can be made available to visitors, partners and customers through interactive stations at the BI-REX headquarters in Bologna.
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Italy Srl (Coordinatore)
  • DataRiver Srl
  • Etna Digital Growth Srl
  • Modis Consulting Srl

Call: Call 1

Area: Big Data for Sustainability

Sotto Area: Web-based platform enabling predictive Big Data models in Oncology

Implementation period: 22.05.2020 – 22.11.2021