Thanks to the collaboration stipulated with Innova Finance, we support companies that want to implement innovative projects through the leverage of subsidized finance.

Implementing successful projects using the various funds made available by the European Union, State or Regions can be complex: obtaining the necessary information, carrying out the procedures and implementing the whole process are operations that require a considerable commitment in terms of time.

Precisely with the aim of helping companies to access the funds necessary for the realization of their innovative projects, we have entered into an important partnership with Innova Finance, a consultancy company that deals with subsidized finance: with Innova we have designed and developed a series of services tailored to meet the needs of companies.


What does our proposal consist of?

Thanks to our specialized team and our partner Innova Finance, you can receive complete and personalized support to innovate your company, grow your business, reduce management costs and face new investments. We make our skills and those of our partner Innova Finance available to:

  • Evaluate and decide on the best innovation path;
  • Identify the best funding opportunities;
  • Define and draft the investment project;
  • Propose the most suitable operational solution;
  • Prepare the request for facilitation;
  • Follow the reporting of activities and costs.


Don’t miss this innovation opportunity!