Starting from 10 September, the Bologna Chamber of Commerce launches the Voucher Digital Impresa 4.0 call, offering a great opportunity for those interested in technological innovation and digitization processes.

With a total allocation of 520,000 Euros foreseen in the Digital Voucher for Impresa 4.0, the Bologna Chamber of Commerce provides vouchers to companies for the purchase of consulting services, training and technologies in the 4.0 sector: the goal is to encourage the growth and competitiveness of the Bolognese economic system, supporting the spread of digital culture.


What are the main features of the call?

  • It is aimed at all SMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) and business groups from all economic sectors, with registered office in the Province of Bologna, interested in implementing projects concerning enabling technologies 4.0;
  • The voucher finances 50% of the eligible costs with a minimum investment of 5,000 Euros;
  • Eligible expenses concern training, specialist consultancy activities, the purchase of capital goods and services for the implementation of digital innovation projects.


Bi-Rex can help you!

Our Competence Center is one of the suppliers indicated by the Bologna Chamber of Commerce which companies can contact to make use of the services provided for in the announcement. We play an important role at national level in supporting innovation and digitization and thanks to our varied range of services we are able to support companies that see technological innovation as a great opportunity.